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99.96% On-Time Delivery!

We play a crucial role in the patient experience and associated hospital processes.  That is why we hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to our drug manufacturing quality and our on-time delivery responsibilities.   


Cyclotron’s are complex systems.  At Wisconsin Medical Cyclotron we take the reliability of our product deliveries to our customers seriously.  We invest the necessary time to thoroughly understand the nature of our manufacturing systems and especially their vulnerability for failures.  We don’t simply wait for systems to stop functioning then react to perform last minute service risking in shipment delays of our PET drugs.  WMC has developed a comprehensive preventative maintenance program to ensure the highest possible on-time delivery of our drug products.  99.96% of our PET drugs ordered are delivered to hospital locations on-time meaning patients who have scheduled to receive a PET or SPECT scan are able to do so without the inconvenience of delay or rescheduling.  We also utilize a robust CAPA (Corrective Action Preventative Action) program which aids in our ability to drive improvements in our manufacturing, quality, and maintenance processes. 


We are driven by patient care.  We routinely backup our competition by supplying our PET drugs to hospitals not currently under contract with us simply to ensure at the end of each day every patient receives their diagnostic scan on the day it was scheduled.


Contact or visit us to learn more about how our maintenance programs directly aid in our production reliability.

To learn more about how cyclotrons work, click here.


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