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SPECT Operations

Wisconsin Medical Cyclotron (WMC) has served the nuclear medicine community with PET pharmaceuticals since 2004.  Having a need to complement our existing radiopharmaceuticals, Wisconsin Medical Radiopharmacy (WMR) was built in 2016 incorporating a USP797 modular clean room with ISO 8 ante area, ISO 7 buffer area, and ISO 5 Laminar Airflow Hoods for sterile product preparation.  By September of that year, we began providing low energy SPECT unit doses to area nuclear medicine departments in hospitals and outpatient clinics.  Our staff has now grown to include four Authorized Nuclear Pharmacists (three of which are Board Certified).  As of May 2017, we are an exclusive distributor for NETSPOT (Ga68 dotatate injection), a radioactive diagnostic agent indicated for use with PET for localization of somatostatin receptor positive neuroendocrine tumors(NETs) in adult and pediatric patients.

Wisconsin Medical Radiopharmacy's Portafab modular Clean-Room was designed and built by Class 1 Air, a local & reputable company specializing in cleanroom design, build, and certification to USP 797 compliance.   The cleanroom was designed with expansion in mind to support the growing needs of our hospital community.

WMR's Packaging and Quality Control areas are spacious and accommodate the work-flow required to support high volume of SPECT drug dispensing and distribution.

SPECT doses are passed out of the clean-room via multiple interlocked pass-throughs, capped, contamination tested, labelled, and security sealed.

SPECT doses are packaged in Type A packaging.  All radiopharmaceuticals (Class 7) are packaged to meet DOT (49CFR) requirements.

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